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Personality is everything

by Pat 27. March 2014 10:20
The guest lecture given by Avjobs was comprised of many useful tips and was reinforcement for many of the subjects we have previously talked about. One of my favorite quotes of the lecture was “No never means no, it merely means no for now”. Don’t give up. Avjobs discussed many aspects but what rang true and stuck out in my mind was “selling me.” We have talked about this many times, but what I really liked was the point he brought up, we all sell every day. The last time we wanted to go somewhere for lunch, we were trying to sell the idea to our friends. We wanted the end result of eating where we wanted to go. This means that we are all capable of building an amazing resume and tailoring it to the job we are applying for. [More]

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What can you do as a student to move your future forward?

by Pat 28. August 2013 11:23
What can you do as a student to move your future forward? Create a professional portfolio. The work you put into this organized collection of goals and accomplishments now, will prepare you to stand up to the competition later. There are many documents and notes to keep, along with “to-do’s” to consider when building your portfolio. [More]

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MVCC A&P Certificate Program Description

by Pat 13. August 2013 10:40
The Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) Airframe & Powerplant Certificate program is located at Griffiss International Airport in Rome NY. The MVCC A&P Program is FAA FAR147 approved (Cert #VXYT570K). This program is unique because it spans three consecutive semesters over the course of twelve months. It provides the required 1,900 hours of FAA curriculum, and all students are issued a seven drawer roll-around Snap-On, or MAC cabinet box tool set as part of the program tuition. With the A&P certificate program being only one year in length, it is ideally suited for those who need to obtain their FAA certification in as short of time as possible in order to get back to work. [More]

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Are you a Contributor or a Participant at work?

by Pat 8. March 2012 15:45
Are you a Contributor or a Participant at work? The important part of the answer is not what you think, but what your do. Actions speak louder than words, and realistically this directly translates into the fact that at work and in business, how others view your contribution is more important than how you view your efforts. [More]

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Strategy for Scholarship Applications

by Pat 16. November 2011 14:42
Remember - "If you don't ask, You don't get." There are thousands of scholarship opportunities available at any given time. If you don't apply for them you'll never get one. Do your homework, research, and look diligently for scholarship opportunities available to you. There are too many for us to list them all, but we have provided a short list of places you can visit to get started. Short list of URLs for Scholarship Applications and Information: [More]

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Aviation Industry Graduates Get to Work

by Pat 8. November 2011 07:50
Avjobs' expertise and leadership gets students to work quickly in the aviation industry. Too often, entry level students find it difficult and challenging to find industry employment after graduation. It is our priority to provide the highest level of employment assistance and help you secure employment in the industry where you have studied and trained. [More]

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