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Negotiating your salary is a two-way street

by Pat 29. April 2015 11:44
Negotiating your salary is a two-way street. When you are offered a job, it's important to come to a win-win solution since it can set the tone for your work life with the future employer. But wait until after you receive a job offer to start talking about salary. Everyone approaches the process differently. Use the tips below that you're most comfortable with. [More]

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Salary range and compensation data for job postings

by Pat 19. March 2014 10:53
Always provide the salary range and compensation data in each job posting. What are Aviation employers willing to pay? Since Avjobs applicants can search for positions by both wage type and salary; Avjobs highly encourages employers to provide a salary range for each position posted (low to high). We believe that you need to know whether the position will be paid by the hour or salary, as well as how much; unfortunately many companies are not able, or willing, to disclose this information on every job. [More]

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Salary information in job postings

by Pat 20. November 2013 08:36
Why isn't salary information available for all job postings? Not all employers include salary information with their job postings. [More]

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Salary, Wages and Pay

Accelerate Your Aviation Career and Your Earnings

by Pat 22. March 2002 08:12
Aviation Schools allows you to search and research the best educational facilities in the industry with just a click of a button. Search for an aviation academy, university, training center, flight school etc. Search by the type of training you are interested in, City, State and more. Search results are outlined in an easy to read grid, showing who offers financial assistance, room & board, online courses, accelerated programs and the average cost per class. [More]

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