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Avjobs is an aviation job board that boasts a tremendous amount of reach

by Pat 20. March 2017 10:13
Avjobs is an aviation job board that boasts a tremendous amount of reach (about 1 million monthly users!). You pay per job post or by account type and save money with each additional job listing. If you want to bring in skilled aviation candidates, this is your platform. Use Aviation Ad Network to promote your aviation job listings. Unlock a unique audience Reach more aviation professionals Promote your brand in a professional context Target the right people Target by location, job title, keywords, time of day, day of the week and more Create easy and effective ads Boost your content across all devices with Aviation Ad Network Attract quality applicants in minutes with your ads Drive real results Set your own budget Pay by clicks not impressions Stop your ads at any time Measure results from your ads Avjobs Aviation Recruiting Software is built around the core tasks of advertising job availability, sourcing aviation resumes, and connecting with qualified candidates. Get the features you need to better manage your recruiting process & hire more efficiently. All features are customizable to fit your company's unique needs. [More]

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Avjobs is an easy-to-use, aviation-specific, job advertising site

by Pat 16. March 2017 10:49
Avjobs is an easy-to-use, aviation-specific, job posting site. You may purchase single or multiple job listings and choose between month to month and annual account terms. The form provided when creating the listing ensures customized targeting for your job posting. [More]

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A Getting Started Guide for Aviation Ad Network

by Pat 28. January 2016 12:30
A Small Business Guide for Aviation Ad Network You've got a business, you want to advertise online and you've got a small budget. What to do? Aviation Ad Network, Avjobs online keyword-driven, pay-per-click advertising gives small businesses the opportunity to get the word out about their product or service to targeted groups of people. Even with a small budget, (as little as $5!), Aviation Ad Network is extremely beneficial. So how do you get started with Aviation Ad Network? Simply follow these easy steps: "Get Started" [More]

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Latest release of the Aviation Ad Network 20 SEP 2013

by Pat 28. January 2016 12:29
AVIATION AD NETWORK AD SERVER PLATFORM UPDATE NOTICE We are pleased to announce the next major release of the Aviation Ad Network. This release includes the much anticipated "Global Edition" so many of our users have been waiting for (and other great features as well). To support our international users, we added a host of features that revolve around the international use case. From servicing various tax centers for VAT, to changing the operating currency. As always, we encourage all Aviation Ad Network users to review and update their advertising campaigns and publisher code implementations to this release. You can review and update your account by logging into your Aviation Ad Network account and selecting the appropriate options. Some of What's New in Aviation Ad Network (20 SEP 2013) Support for Invoicing Advertisers - Invoices are now created with every payment received from an advertiser. We've also added the ability to post an invoice to an advertisers account that an advertiser can then reference when wiring funds, or mailing a check / cheque. Day Parting - Advertisers can select what day of the week their campaign will show. If an advertiser wants their campaign to run only on Fridays, they can do that. Time Parting - Advertisers can also select what times they want their campaign to show. If an advertiser wants their ad to show between 2PM and 5PM on Friday, and 1PM and 4PM all other days of the work week, they can do that. Domain Blocking - If an advertiser is also a publisher, or if an advertiser simply does not want their advertising efforts to appear on a specific site, this feature allows Advertisers to block their ads from appearing on domain names they provide. [More]

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$25 in FREE Clicks from Aviation Ad Network to your Website

by Pat 28. January 2016 12:21
Advertise with Us$25 in FREE Clicks from Aviation Ad Network to your Website Millions of shoppers are only a click away! Let us drive traffic to your website. Aviation Ad Network is a highly targeted pay-per-click advertising program that puts your products in front of millions of aviation customers. Customers who click your ads are taken directly to your website to make a purchase. When you open a new advertiser account, use Promotion Code: AVADGO25 Click Here to Appear on Aviation Ad Network! Shoppers Click to Product Pages on Your Website When shoppers click on an ad for your product, they will click through to the product page on your website. You Are Charged a Cost-Per-Click You only pay when a shopper clicks your ad and is sent to your website. The amount charged is based on your bid. Your bids are automatically set to the minimum for each bidding category. For optimal ad placement, set your bids to the highest amount you are willing to pay for a click. Shoppers Purchase Products from Your Website You control the branding and purchase experience on your website. Shoppers who purchase from you directly become a part of your customer base. With Aviation Ad Network, you can reach engaged shoppers on your website, acquire new customers, and increase sales. Click Here to Appear on Aviation Ad Network! [More]

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Acquire new customers with Aviation Ad Network

by Pat 28. January 2016 12:13
Promote Your Company with $25 in free advertising Aviation Ad Network customers are subject to a one-time $5 USD account funding fee to claim promotional advertising credit You are responsible for all charges in excess of the promotional credit. (Control how much you spend by setting a budget for your campaign. You can turn off or pause your ads and campaigns at any time.) This promotional offer is only valid for new Aviation Ad Network Ads customers. One promotional offer per Aviation Ad Network member. This promotional offer can only be used once, may be forwarded to another Aviation Ad Network Advertiser, but cannot be sold or bartered. Promotional credit will be applied during the creation of a new Aviation Ad Network account, when you enter your billing information. All Ads are subject to the Aviation Ad Network Ads Agreement and the Aviation Ad Network User Agreement. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. This offer may be revoked at any time for any reason by Aviation Ad Network prior to your creation of an account and entering the voucher code by you. [More]

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